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Existential Psychotherapy

My understanding of Existential Psychotherapy:​

In my view it can be truly therapeutic to reveal oneself to another person and be welcome and understood, just as one is. I offer to create with each client an enriching therapeutic relationship which can become a learning experience with reflections on the person’s worldview outside the therapy room.

I believe every person can create meaning for their own life even under the most terrible conditions because every person can choose their attitude in any circumstance. You can then find meaning in suffering (an unavoidable part in every human life). This meaning can be embraced as part of your life history and be taken into account when designing a life project for the future.

With Existential Psychotherapy I promote the confrontation of the clients with their existence. I seek to create a therapeutic relationship that promotes the lived experience of the client through the values of “being” instead of “having” or “doing.”.


Existential Psychotherapy might be suitable If you are searching to:

  • Understand what you really feel or want;
  • Find a more authentic relationship with yourself, others and the world;
  • Develop self-knowledge and ways to deal with life’s challenges;
  • Admit more responsibility for your existential project and for your own behavior;
  • Explore the Essence (what are you), Existence (how are you), and Identity (who are you);
  • Clarify how to proceed in the future while recognizing learning experiences from the past and creating something valuable to live in the present.


It is particularly suitable if you are:

  • Feeling alienated from the expectations of contemporary society or are searching to clarify your own personal ideology;
  • Searching for a meaning to your life;
  • Living in/with foreign cultures;
  • Experiencing difficulties in relationships with others;
  • Suffering from Depression or Anxiety.



Essentially Focusing consists in a gentle, creative and frequently profound way of being with any personal experience, even the most disturbing ones. It is based in the ability most humans have or can develop – to listen to what your feelings and sensations are trying to tell you.


Through Focusing you can:

  • Tune body, mind and spirit;
  • Overcome, make decisions and solve problems in a creative way;
  • Relieve tensions and chronic pain;
  • Develop a more attentive and welcoming attitude towards yourself and others;
  • Free yourself from beliefs or external authorities.